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A simple windows command line tool

- to uncompress and untar .tar.gz (.tgz) files
-just untar .tar files

Usage :
C:\>TarTool.exe sourceFile destinationDirectory

C:\>TarTool.exe D:\sample.tar.gz ./

C:\>TarTool.exe sample.tgz temp

C:\>TarTool.exe -x sample.tar temp

More details are on this post --

TarTool 2.0 Beta supports bzip2 decompression for files with extensions like tar.bz2 and .bz2.

TarTool -xj sample.tar.bz2 temp
TarTool -j sample.bz2


TarTool uses SharpZipLib

See licensing terms of SharpZipLib before reusing this code in one of your projects.

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