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Symlink support


It will be useful to support symbolic links. They should be extracted as NTFS symbolic links.


Pr9187923 wrote Jun 18, 2014 at 11:41 PM

I agree - without symlink support, for me this tool is pretty useless.

Consider the OpenSSL source code package:

This archives contains a Symlink located at "openssl-1.0.1h/include/openssl/conf.h" that points to "....\crypto\conf\conf.h". Unfortunately, instead of actually creating the NTFS symlink, this tool just creates an empty file.

I also tried 7-ZIP, but it also does not support symlinks: It creates a file containing the symlink path as text.
The only tool I have found to support NTFS symlink with .tar.gz is WinRAR, but unfortunately it is proprietary.